School Safety in Myanmar

Since Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar in 2008, the Government of Myanmar made strong commitments to ensure safety in schools through the development of policies, plans and guidelines, and the establishment of multi-stakeholder working groups dedicated to the implementation of different aspects of school safety.

School Safety in Thailand

In Thailand, the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), under the Ministry of Education is responsible for education from primary to high school level. Since 2007, OBEC has recognised school safety and has been working with the Department of Disaster Prevention and Management (DDPM) and other organisations to promote school safety. In 2011, Thailand committed to improve the safety of 32,000 schools as part of the United Nations One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Campaign.

School Safety in the Philippines

December 1, 2015 CONTEXT Since 2007, the Philippines Department of Education (DepEd) has started to mainstream disaster risk reduction into the education sector. DepEd issued a policy, DepEd Order no. 55, that prioritises the mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction...

School Safety in Lao PDR

December 1, 2015 CONTEXT The Government of Lao PDR has been building the resilience of the education sector through the development of specific disaster risk reduction curriculum from grades 3 to 6 of primary and secondary schools. This initiative is a partnership...

School Safety in Indonesia

December 1, 2015 Context The Government of Indonesia has shown strong commitment to ensuring school safety. The Disaster Management Law and National Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction acknowledge education as one of the priority sectors. In 2010, the Ministry of...