IFRC Guidance for Red Cross Red Crescent Education Response to COVID-19

June 2, 2020

This guidance contains insights to implement the IFRC strategic framework on education 2020-2030 in the context of COVID-19:

SO1. Access & Continuity: support efforts to minimise educational disruption, facilitate learning continuity in affected countries, and prepare for disruption/reopening

SO2. Equity & Inclusion: contribute to addressing the barriers that may hinder the full and effective participation of individuals of all diversities in the particular measures put in place to ensure educational continuity.

SO3. Protection, Safety & Well-being: promote the protection of learners, teachers and other education personnel from the harmful consequences of all potential risks and hazards and from all forms of violence, as well as create and ensure safe, secure and supportive learning environments (in educational institutions still opened as well as online and at home).

SO4. Provision & Quality: continue providing complementary quality (humanitarian) education opportunities on all relevant thematic areas of focus (e.g., good hygiene practices, risk reduction, first aid, healthy lifestyles, non-discrimination, violence prevention, stress and emotional management, etc.) through creative and innovative means in the given circumstances (and strongly engaging youth volunteers’ networks).

This document also contains useful resources related to COVID-19. Further read, please visit this link.

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