Research Report on Disaster and Gendered Impact in a Changing Climate towards Girl’s Education in Nepal and Bangladesh

June 29, 2021

The research aims to understand the broader social and historical contexts in Sunsari district of Nepal and Kurigram district of Bangladesh where Plan International Asia-Pacific Regional Hub and the Plan country offices have been supporting school based Disaster Risk Management initiatives.
The research study mapped out existing factors that compound and exacerbate natural hazards among marginalized children, especially girls, with particular attention to harmful gender norms and stereotypes. It captured the actual and gendered impacts of disasters and climate crisis on girls and boys, with attention to educational continuity and attainment.
The research also explored international, national and local regulatory frameworks on gender sensitive disaster risk management, climate resilience, and school-centered disaster risk management.
This report offers specific recommendations to address gender norms and stereotypes that exacerbated the impacts of disaster and climate risks on girls and boys, their educational continuity.
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