Safe-back-to-school: demonstration video (in Thai)

June 30, 2020

In this time of pandemic, Thailand is bracing itself to reopen its school on 1st of July. Surveys of the Ministry of Education found that 60-70% of students are not ready to use television as the main channel for their distance education and consuming media via smartphones can be costly. the Ministry of Public Health recommends a limit of 20-25 students in the classroom to control the spread of the virus (thaiger, 2020).

In light of that, Plan International in collaboration with Provincial Health Authority and the Education Service Area Office (ESAO) in Chiang Rai launched a “Safe-back-to-School” Campaign to promote COVID-19 risk mitigation and prevention measures in school environment. Chomchon Baan Pong School in Mae Suay District was selected as a model school to demonstrate implementation of key measures. The on-site demonstration clearly¬†showed the screening procedure, hand washing station and physical distancing. Find out more in this video (currently in Thai). The trailer can be seen here.


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