ASEAN Member States have issued the AADMER Work Programme 2021-2025

January 6, 2021

The ASEAN Member States have issued the newly developed AADMER Work Programme (AWP) 2021-2025 with more focus on disaster risk reduction, capability and capacity building and partnerships for the region’s better preparedness. With the aim of continuing the momentum made by the ASEAN in over a decade on regional disaster management collaborations, at the backdrop of past achievements and challenges, the WP 2021-2025 is guided by the vision set out by the AADMER to build a region of disaster-resilient nations, mutually assisting and complementing one another, sharing a common bond in minimising adverse effects of disasters in pursuit of safer communities and sustainable development. For the next five years, the mission is to enhance and support ASEAN’s disaster risk reduction and disaster management capabilities through inter-sectoral cooperation, capacity building, scalable innovation, resource mobilisation, new partnerships and stronger coordination among the Member States.

In the next five years, AADMER will be carried out through five (5) priority programmes that reflect its major provisions: 1. Risk Assessment and Monitoring (RAM); 2. Prevention and Mitigation (P&M), Preparedness and Mitigation (P&M), 3. Preparedness and Response (P&R), 4. Resilient Recovery (RR) and 5. Global Leadership (GL), purviewed by three ACDM Working Groups, namely: 1) ACDM Working Group on Prevention and Mitigation; 2) the ACDM Working Group on Preparedness, Response and Recovery; and 3) the ACDM Working on Global Leadership.

The education sector and education infrastructure resilience forms part of this WP Priority Programme 2: Prevention and Mitigation with the particular focus of climate change that increases the frequency and intensity of disasters in the region. Among challenges and needs for sustained risk financing, local capacity building, empowerment and protection of vulnerable groups is the effort to advance infrastructure resilience. The school safety programming through the ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative (ASSI) is acknowledged as one of the ACDM flagship progarmmes and its continuity remains critical signifying the cross-sectoral nature of resilient infrastructure at regional, national and local levels.

Looking into identification of outcomes and outputs of this Priority Programme, school safety is Sub. Priority 2.4 for a stronger school safety programming and advocacy with outputs focusing on enhanced safe school coordination and capacity building, resilient education sector aligning with Global Safe School initiative and advocacy at different levels.

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