September 11, 2019

After two consultation meetings with the Co-Chairs of ACDM Working Group on Prevention and Mitigation (ACDM P&M), the Chair of Senior Officials’ Meeting on Education (SOM-ED), and the SOM-ED lead shepherd for ASSI, on 14 February 2019, ASSI has conducted its very first cross-sectoral coordination committee meeting that discussed on: detailed operational plan and action points to the TORs on the ASEAN cross-sectoral coordination committee meeting on ASSI, national cross-sectoral coordination platform in ASEAN countries, and recommendations for the ASSI forthcoming activities including 1) the regional conference, 2) the orientation workshops on the ASEAN Guidelines on CSSF Country Progress Report and the finalisation, 3) the development of the ToT Manuals on CSSF, and 4) knowledge management products including research and school disaster preparedness video (Annex. “Summary Report on First ASEAN Cross-Sectoral Coordination Committee Meeting on the ASSI”).

With the phasing out of the AADMER Work Programme 2016-2020, the ASEAN Work Plan on Education on 2016-2020, and the ASSI Programme Strategy 2017-2020, the ASSI cross-sectoral coordination committee supported by the ASEAN Secretariat and ASSI consortium partners calls for the 2nd ASEAN Cross-Sectoral Coordination Committee Meeting that will be held in Jakarta, on September, 17th. This meeting will coincide with an ASSI strategic workshop to develop its new Programme Strategy 2021-2025 on September, 18th-19th, and the ACDM P&M Meeting on September 20th.

The 2nd ASEAN cross-sectoral coordination committee meeting is expected to attain these following objectives: 1. To receive progress and achievement reports of the ASSI activities in contribution to the achievement of ASSI Programme Strategy, including the outputs of the 3rd ASEAN Regional Conference on School Safety, the finalised guidelines on the ASEAN Guidelines on CSSF Country Progress Report, the ASSI resource mobilisation and sustainability strategy and research and webinar; 2. to prepare the organising of the strategic workshop on development of new ASSI Programme Strategy 2021-2025 and seek strategic direction and views of the member states; 3. to seek views on the ASSI upcoming project activities that needs the AMSs and ASEAN Secretariat support.

The output of this meeting will consolidate all the views and serve as a building block to the conducting of the strategic workshop on new ASSI Programme Strategy development, and prepare the consolidated report of ASSI before the ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) Working Group on Project and Management.

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