Counting days to Developing the ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative Programme Strategy 2021-2025 Jakarta, 18-19 September 2019

September 13, 2019

ASSI will conduct the ASSI Strategic Workshop on 18 – 19 september 2019 that will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia to develop the new programme strategy. This workshop will invite the cross-sectoral coordination committee for ASSI, ASSI consortium partners and the ASEAN Secretariat Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance and Education, Youth, and Sport Division. The last 3rd ASEAN Regional Conference on School Safety and the ASSI resource mobilisation and sustainability strategy promoted some key highlights to be taken forward: upholding the regional coordination, not only among AMSs but also with various stakeholders, under the leadership of the ASSI cross-sectoral coordination committee, implementing the ASEAN Guidelines on CSSF Country Progress Report to track the progress, identify gaps as a basis to national strategy development, mobilizing technical and financial resources and advocating consistent key messages through sharing knowledge and practices in online and offline platforms.

The outcomes of the workshop are as follows:
1. reflection of the ASSI Programme Strategy 2017-2020
2. New Programme Strategy 2021-2025;
3. Stakeholder map and identified collaboration 2021-2025;
4. recommended ASSI structure of governance moving forward 2021-2025.

In reference to the ASSI resource mobilisation and sustainability strategy, the workshop is expected to attain these following objectives :
1. to review the ASSI Programme Strategy 2017-2020, its implementation, achievements against its technical thrusts, lessons learnt and challenges at regional and country levels;
2. to update the stakeholders mapping for the ASSI post-AADMER WP and ASEAN WP on Education 2016-2020 and review the effectiveness of current modality & structure of ASSI governance (anticipating the dissolution of the current PMT structure);
3. to discuss and identify the new programme strategy and approaches for 2021-2025 including the technical thrusts or areas of intervention;
4. to discuss the future modality and structure of ASSI governance under the ASSI cross-sectoral coordination committee.

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