Event Info

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Date: 24-25 November 2014

The ASSI workshop serves as a medium for learning and sharing experiences among key actors working in disaster risk reduction (DRR) and education in order to inform the development of a framework for the ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative, and launches the initiative’s phase 2.

This workshop aims to strengthen cooperation and coordination between the disaster risk management community and the education community under the ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative and provide space for professionals, policy and decision makers, and development agencies to better understand each other’s perspectives and help develop a common framework for action to improve school safety in the ASEAN region.

Specific objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Launch the ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative Phase 2 and build a common understanding of its objectives, expected outputs and outcomes;
  • Discuss and provide guidance for the first deliverables of the ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative, including a common framework on safe schools for ASEAN and indicators to monitor school safety implementation;
  • Identify and strengthen cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder mechanisms for collaboration among Ministries of Education and National Disaster Management Offices (NDMOs) of ASEAN Member States, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other partners and stakeholders at country and regional levels; and
  • Provide a forum for sharing information on other relevant safe school related initiatives within the region and discuss collaboration for ASSI implementation at national and regional levels and joint efforts for collaboration, cooperation, and resource mobilization.


  1. Red Cross/Red Crescent Engagement in Building Resilience in Education Sector – School Safety (presentation by IFRC)
  2. ASEAN Safe School Initiative (ASSI) Program, presented by Plan International (This is an overview about ASSI program governance and structure, delivered by Plan International as ASSI lead agency)
  3. Towards an ASEAN Comprehensive School Safety Framework- Outcome of Country Consultations and Background Work, presented by ADPC who brought the technical assistance to the ASSI Phase. The presentation highlights the kind of technical assistance in the research and consultations to start the program.
  4. Comprehensive School Safety Framework delivered by Plan International
  5. ASEAN Cooperation on Disaster Management (a presentation on AADMER presented by ASEAN) Presentation keywords: AADMER work programme, Priorities, Flagship Projects, Phase 2 strategies, partners.
  6. Creating A Culture of Safety and Resilience in Schools: the SEAMEO Initiatives (SEAMO-The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization is a regional intergovernmental organization established in 1965 among governments of Southeast Asian countries to promote regional cooperation in education, science and culture in the region. Member countries comprise of all ASEAN members andTimor Leste).
  7. School Safety in the Post-2015 Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction – Toward Sendai and Beyond (a presentation by UNISDR)