Photobook: Safe School of SDN 5 Sokong, Lombok

January 6, 2021

Plan Indonesia in collaboration with PT SMI implemented a “Initiating Safe and Resilient School” Programme in Lombok aimed at applying inclusive and gender-sensitive safe school for the rights’ fulfilment of girls and boys. This has been established based on a rationale that many schools were constructed without proper safe building standard. When disasters hit, the poor infrastructures could cause injuries and fatalities – denying children’s access to education. The safe school programme is focused on increasing the building safety and education continuity regardless of disasters. This is aimed to build safety culture by strengthening the building integrity, capacity building for school disaster management and promoting resilience education. This programme also disseminates knowledges relevant to child protection, gender-based violence and hygiene practices including menstrual health management.

SDN 5 Sokong is one of schools destructed by the 2018 earthquake. Through this programme, the school was reconstructed based on PU/SNI 1726-2002 earthquake-resistant building code, the Regulation of the Ministry of Education No 24/2007 on school infrastructure code.

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