Plan International COVID-19 Emergency Response in Asia Pacific

May 15, 2020

Check out latest COVID-19 situation report from Plan International. Its response is based on its experience that girls and young women are particularily vulnerable in health emergencies. We call on governments to include meaningful participation of girls and women in its decision-making processes related to the COVID-19 response and recognise that outbreaks, quarantines and isolation affect girls and boys, women and men differently. We believe that sex and age-appropriate interventions that address increased risk of child marriage, sexual violence, sexual reproductive health and rights, mental health and burden of domestic work facing girls and women are particularly essential and we call on countries to provide foreign assistance to increase funding in light of COVID-19, including intensifying support and preventive measures in refugee and displacement settings. Full report is in this link.

Check previous Situation Report on this link.

Find out the latest Situation Report:

Situation Report as of July 2020 

Situation Report as of June 2020 



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