The Start-up Workshop of ASSI Project Phase 5 in Jakarta, on 27-28 August 2018

August 29, 2018

Plan Int'l

Supported by ECHO, ASSI project has entered into its fifth phase with the aim to ‘strengthen the commitment and capacity of ASEAN Member States (AMSs) and ASEAN Secretariat in advancing quality and efficient implementation of the school safety component of AADMER WP 2016-2020 based on ASEAN Common Framework for Comprehensive School Safety (ACFCSS) and ASSI Programme Strategy 2017-2020. This project will work to achieve respective regional and country outcomes in Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Philippines with the overall support to address the needs of non-ECHO/ASSI target countries (Thailand, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Malaysia) during June 2018 – November 2019 (with three month reporting period up to February 2020):

Result 1: The capacity and coordination of AMS and ASEAN Secretariat is strengthened for scaled-up and sustainable implementation of the ASEAN Common Approach on Comprehensive School Safety and for systematic reporting to the AADMER Work Programme and the ASEAN Education Work Plan

Result 2: ASEAN Member States’ capacities on school safety and educational continuity are enhanced through the development and application of digital tools which provide easier and wider access to target users

Result 3: Enhanced national capacity building among actors on comprehensive school safety, increased coordination and standardized tools across actors in school safety implementation and advocacy to strengthen comprehensive school safety strategies and policies in Laos, Cambodia and Philippines

Result 4: Increase the engagement and knowledge of AMS and ASEAN Secretariat on school safety programming in ASEAN through regional advocacy and knowledge and information-sharing

On 27-28 August 2018, ASSI held a regional start-up workshop for its Project proposal 5 with the objective to discuss and plan the upcoming activities in the region and in-country, reiterate roles and responsibilities among PMT, Country Facilitators, Organisational and Technical Working Groups, present and finalise the monitoring requirement of the project including resilience and gender markers and inclusion of emerging issues. The participants came up with agreement on regular coordination meetings, reporting schedule, additional points to the TORs in ASSI PMT structure: country facilitators, OWG/TWG, ASSI PMT, ways to integrate gender and resilience markers, and emerging issues (climate change, conflict and violence, risks and urban resilience, and other daily risks). Among other activities, ASSI will conduct 3rd ASEAN Regional Conference on School Safety, Orientation Workshop on regional reporting guideline, as well as Regional-led Training of Trainers workshops.

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