UNICEF Back-to-School Guide

June 2, 2020

The Guide is written for UNICEF programme officers and partners, including government and NGOs, who have the responsibility to restore education in emergencies, including education and protection officers as well as field staff and those seconded during emergencies. The Guide is organised according to seven categories of response actions that are essential in a Back-to-School campaign: leadership and coordination; planning and implementation; supplies and logistics; temporary learning spaces; social mobilisation, communication and advocacy; capacity-building and training; and sustainability. To help practitioners plan their BTS programmes, each section provides good practice lessons from the analysis of BTS campaigns in 55 countries, recommendations for response actions based on evidence from previous BTS efforts for practitioners who are planning and implementing BTS. In addition, challenges are also listed. This guide contains these following components:

  • Good practice lessons based on the data analysis of Back-to-School initiatives drawn from the companion document to this guide, Analysis Report.
  • Recommended response actions drawn from UNICEF’s CCCs, INEEMS, and the good practice recommendations from the Analysis Report.
  • Challenges encountered by countries identified in the Analysis Report, which practitioners should keep in mind as they plan their initiatives

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